Wednesday, June 3, 2009

What I won't do in the name of Frugality

This topic came up in a chatroom I was in recently. I thought I'd blog a bit about it, because I'm rather surprised with the initial round of reactions I've gotten.

I won't buy regular pasta. There, I said it. I'll only buy the Ronzoni SmartTaste pastas, even if they are regular price of $2 per lb. Walmart has it for $1.50, and with a $1/1 coupon, that means it is 50¢ per box. It is the only brand of protein and fiber enriched pasta that I can get past Paul.

I won't buy commercial yogurt. Well, I will, but only the Fage brand Greek yogurt, and only when my own yogurt needs a new starter. I'd rather make my own, where I know exactly what went into it. The yogurt I make at home has the live cultures, more protein and calcium than regular milk (I add milk powder to it), and no added sugar. Plus, there's the distinct benefit of not having to pay $4 per quart of whole milk yogurt~ the kind that Everett eats.

I won't choose the dollar menu over the healthy option. When I hit the drive-thru, which is more frequent than I care to admit, I'll pick the more expensive yet more healthful option. My two current favorites are the McDonald's Grilled Chicken Club (no mayo) and the Dunkin Donuts Turkey Bacon Cheddar Flatbread. Both are about 400 calories, and they're both pretty good!

What won't you do in the name of frugality?

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