Sunday, August 10, 2008

My CVS Scenarios! Week of 8/10

Trans. 1
Alavert 6.99
CVS brand Cotton Swabs 1.50
Playskool Wipes 2.50
Total before q's- 10.99
-4 Alavert IP
-1.50 (skincare q adjusted down)
-1 (playskool q)
total after q's- $2.49 + tax, get $5 ECB (plus $4 towards the baby deal)

Trans 2
Lamisil x2 @7.59 each 15.18
-8 (2x lamisil q)
5ECB, .18 + tax oop, get back $10 ECB
Trans 3

Skin Effects 6.99
Playskool wipes 2.50
CVS swabs 1.50
2x Huggies Clean team wipes $5
Children's Advil $5.79
total before q's- 20.78
-2 skin effects
-1 playskool
-3 huggies wipes (recent insert)
-1.50 (CVS swabs adjusted down)
-1 Advil IP
10.28, use $10 ECB, pay .28+ tax oop, get back a $5 and $5.79 ECB ($13 towards baby deal)

Trans 4
3x dove chocolates $9
playskool wipes 2.50
Goobers $1
total before q's $12.50
-4.50 (3x $1.50 dove)
-1 playskool
5.50- use $5ECB and .50 +tax oop, get back $5 ECB (15.50 towards playskool)

Trans 5
Playskool wipes 2.50
2x Huggies Clean team wipes $5
Johnson and Johnson shampoo $2.99
total before q's 10.49
(Add $1.50 filler to get your pre-coupon total up to at least $12- I'm getting 2 Gold Emblem spices @.88 ea, so I'll use that as the example) $1.72

new total 12.21
-1 playskool
-3 Huggies
-1 J&J IP
total- $5.21, pay with $5 ECB and .21 oop, get back $5 ECB.

So, in total, you'll have paid $3.66 plus tax OOP, and walked out a total of $71.66 worth of merchandise! And, you have $10.79 in ECB for next week!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Cheap Entertainment Idea of the week!

My sister is a serious movie buff. She's been bragging about this "Redbox" thing for months. Well, they finally installed one at our usual grocery store, and we tried it out this week- love it! Here's the lowdown:

Each Redbox has a couple dozen new release movie titles. Run your credit card or debit card, select your movie, and pay $1 per night. Not too shabby, right? It gets better!

Every week, Redbox releases promo codes for a freebie rental! There are several websites that list all of the "active" codes, so you can get TONS of free movies! I've used

The rules of Redbox are that you have to return the movie by 9pm on the night it is due, otherwise there's a additional day's charge. You can return your movie to any Redbox, which makes it really convenient!