Sunday, August 10, 2008

My CVS Scenarios! Week of 8/10

Trans. 1
Alavert 6.99
CVS brand Cotton Swabs 1.50
Playskool Wipes 2.50
Total before q's- 10.99
-4 Alavert IP
-1.50 (skincare q adjusted down)
-1 (playskool q)
total after q's- $2.49 + tax, get $5 ECB (plus $4 towards the baby deal)

Trans 2
Lamisil x2 @7.59 each 15.18
-8 (2x lamisil q)
5ECB, .18 + tax oop, get back $10 ECB
Trans 3

Skin Effects 6.99
Playskool wipes 2.50
CVS swabs 1.50
2x Huggies Clean team wipes $5
Children's Advil $5.79
total before q's- 20.78
-2 skin effects
-1 playskool
-3 huggies wipes (recent insert)
-1.50 (CVS swabs adjusted down)
-1 Advil IP
10.28, use $10 ECB, pay .28+ tax oop, get back a $5 and $5.79 ECB ($13 towards baby deal)

Trans 4
3x dove chocolates $9
playskool wipes 2.50
Goobers $1
total before q's $12.50
-4.50 (3x $1.50 dove)
-1 playskool
5.50- use $5ECB and .50 +tax oop, get back $5 ECB (15.50 towards playskool)

Trans 5
Playskool wipes 2.50
2x Huggies Clean team wipes $5
Johnson and Johnson shampoo $2.99
total before q's 10.49
(Add $1.50 filler to get your pre-coupon total up to at least $12- I'm getting 2 Gold Emblem spices @.88 ea, so I'll use that as the example) $1.72

new total 12.21
-1 playskool
-3 Huggies
-1 J&J IP
total- $5.21, pay with $5 ECB and .21 oop, get back $5 ECB.

So, in total, you'll have paid $3.66 plus tax OOP, and walked out a total of $71.66 worth of merchandise! And, you have $10.79 in ECB for next week!


Letty said...

So, do the Huggies Clean Team Wipes count towards the Huggies ECB deal? I want to use my $3/2 coupons! THanks!

Mama Koala said...

Love your blog name! Where did you find the lamisil coupons?
mommykoala (at) live (dot) com

Anah said...

Yes, the Huggies Clean Team wipes are part of the deal (per sale hangtag in store). Yay!

The lamisil q's were in the inserts from 7/20 (can't remember if it was SmartSource or Red Plum off the top of my head)

violetlexi said...

Great Post. I just moved a block from a CVS, and am starting a plan of attack. My Question:

How do you get so many coupons, do you buy extra newspapers? How do you know which ones to keep multiples of- when you print online coupons especially. I don't want to waste a ton of printing supplies printing 10 copies of every coupon. What is your strategy? Thank you! Lex

Anah said...

Every week I buy at least 4 newspapers- and they *have* to be the Boston Globe, since that's the biggest paper in my area. The coupons are different in the Globe vs. our local city paper (Worcester T&G), particularly the Red Plum!

My husband's grandmother saves the local paper's inserts and ads for me, so I end up with 5 sets of inserts each week. (at least!)

I also look at previews of upcoming sales online- and if I need more coupons, I use Ebay to order them (most notably for the soyjoy deal a month or so ago).

As far as printable coupons go- I print them after I've determined that I need them, with the exception of baby coupons with long off expiration dates (I have 2 in diapers, and I love the playskool wipes since the package is softsided and will fit in the diaper bag). Most printables have a limit on them of 2, but not the ones from

I'm working on a full post on my Sunday routine, which goes into more detail on how I do my couponing- watch for it soon!