Friday, December 12, 2008

Macy's coupon

Macy's coupon here

Coupons for Procrastinators!

Ok, so we've been pretty much done with Christmas shopping. All I have left to buy at this point is a few things for Paul's stocking, jammies for the kids, and some more candy.

But I know that there are many out there that haven't gotten all their shopping done yet! Here's a quick wrap up of the deals out there!

Macy's- coupon for 20% off here good through December 15.

Bath and Body works:

Free item (up to $13.50) with any purchase of $10 or more

or $10 off any purchase of $30 or more here

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Christmas shopping on a budget

Paul and I had to hit up a few more stores to pick out some more gifts- but we're nearly done now!

Today, I bring you the beauty of the off-price store. We went out to Christmas Tree Shoppes, and Building 19/Spags.

At Christmas Tree Shoppes, we found some of the REALLY nice, high end furry blankets for 6.99- 9.99. The kind that usually cost at least $20. We also found a two-piece set of 20oz thermal coffee mugs, $6.99. The best deal I found, though, was an 11oz container of sesame seeds for $2! These, along with some poppy seeds (same deal), will be used as a topper for some homemade bagels.

At Building 19/Spags, we found tons of board books, perfect for our budding little reader. We also found a box set of toys and games for 2+ year olds that was originally $25, marked down to $7.99. Several other items rounded out our $22 trip- 3 legal pads for Abby to draw on, a bug kit for Anthony, crayons, and a baseball glove for Paul.

I'm hoping that I will get a chance to hit up Ocean State Job Lot tomorrow- I need to pick up some stocking stuffers for Paul (sorry babe, not putting up any hints here!) and pick out something for my sister's birthday.

Cooking Day, part 2!

So, what's that about the best laid plans? Yeah, mine fell apart after a night of grouchy babies. What did I get done?

Hmmm, let's see. First thing in the morning, the stockpot came out of the fridge and onto the burner. The crockpot and rice cooker had black beans and chickpeas, respectively, and they were both drained, rinsed, and refilled with water, then turned on.

The only thing I really got done was bagging everything up. The burritos haven't been made yet, nor the muffins, nor the biscuit mix. But honestly, that's the beauty of cooking ahead. I can jump in where I am, since I'm "banking" the food and sticking it in the freezer or pantry. Hopefully, I can get the biscuit mix made up tonight or tomorrow, since I have some quick dinners that call for biscuit mix!

Monday, December 1, 2008

Shopping/Cooking Day #1

With Christmas fast approaching, things tend to get crazier than usual. With 2 in diapers, we're run pretty ragged as it is, so something's got to give. One thing that we're simplifying this year is meal prep. By having quick and easy meals at our fingertips, we'll be able to fit in the rest of the insanity that is our schedule for the rest of the month!

Today is shopping and and prep day. We took a chunk of time out to get some shopping done.

Walmart- bought 10 bags of veggies (free after coupon), 10 boxes of high fiber/protein pasta (50¢ per box after coupon), 8 boxes of potatoes (33¢ per box after coupon), 5lbs of ground beef ($6.32- $1.26 per lb), 6 bags of dried beans and lentils (99¢ each), flour, shortening, bread, milk, and eggs.

At Shaw's- 20lbs of chicken leg quarters (.49¢ per lb), 1 bag of dried hominy (not carried at Walmart), and a bottled water. I used a $10 off catalina, which, for some reason, took off $11.50??? I ended up paying.... 32¢!

So, the next step is to get it all processed. When we got home, 10 chicken legs went immediately into the stockpot, covered with water, seasoned with salt, pepper, and poultry seasoning, and set to boil.

While that was working, I took the last bag of chicken stock out of the freezer and dumped it into the rice cooker with 3 cups of brown rice.

Then, I took the pinto beans that were in the crockpot soaking and set them on the stove to boil. I added some chili powder, oregano, cayenne pepper, onions, and garlic.

All of this took about 15 minutes, and in the meantime I threw a lasagna into the oven.

When the chicken was cooked, I pulled it out of the pot and let it cool. The stock went into several Pyrex measuring cups (I hate the way that fat clings to plastic, so I used the glassware!) and I pulled the meat off the bones and stuck it in the stock. The whole container then goes into the fridge overnight. I do this because the chicken is still a bit fatty when it first comes out of the stock, but an overnight stint in the fridge is plenty of time for the fat to rise to the top, where it will solidify and can be pulled out easily in the morning. The bones went into a freezer bag for now- I'll have more to add tomorrow!

The rice got bagged up and frozen, as well as half of the beans. The other half went into the fridge to be finished tomorrow.

I also made up two bags of three uncooked legs each. They're sitting merrily in the freezer now.

That leaves a total of 10 more legs to be cooked tomorrow. They are already in the stockpot in the fridge, ready for me to pop onto the stove in the morning.

All told, I think I took about an hour so far. I was also cleaning up the kitchen, unpacking the groceries, and had dinner in the midst of all that work! It has been a long day, but I'm proud of what got done so far!

On the agenda for tomorrow: Boil last batch of chicken, cook black beans and chickpeas, make a batch of biscuit mix, bag and freeze the whole lot, bake up some muffins and biscuits, and bag and freeze the ground beef. More on that tomorrow!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Favorite Christmas Activities that won't break the bank!

When I was little, my parents made up a game for my sister and I. We'd drive around, looking for Christmas lights, and listening to Christmas music. Every time we'd see a light display, we'd call out "Christmas lights!" and we would all admire the hard work put into the displays.

Nowadays, my husband and I are passing that tradition along to our children. Last year, Paul took me to see some of the displays that he passed on the way to work, and it makes me smile to this day.

Bake with your kids! Put on your favorite Christmas music and have fun. Take lots of pictures of your flour-covered kids, use pasturized eggs if you're planning on letting them lick the spoons and bowls.

Search the web to find local events. Lots of communities host Christmas events, like caroling, or your local school's music program might be having an event. Visit the Christmas displays in your town. Make hot cocoa and really savor the time together.

Saving at Christmas- the Gift Edition

Need ideas for gifts? Here's a few!

Calendars- Last year, I made up a bunch of photo calendars with pictures of the kids. I made them all the same, so it was at a discount. Clutter-free, since they are a usable item. Search the web for the best deals, and don't forget to Google "Coupon Codes" for the site you choose!

The gift of food- I make up a bunch of cookies and give them to, well, everyone! Using coupons combined with sales will cut the price in half or more!

Ebay- You can get almost anything at a discount from Ebay!

Saving at Christmas

So, everyone is nervous about the economy, and it seems that everyone is cutting back. But that doesn't mean that you have to, as Dave Ramsey says, "live in a cave and only come out on triple coupon Thursdays". You can still enjoy the Christmas season on a budget! I promise!

I'm going to start a mini-series on saving money at Christmas, complete with ideas for inexpensive yet thoughtful gifts, celebrating the season without breaking the bank, and a few of my favorite Christmas recipes. Watch for future posts!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Great deals at Shaws this week!

So, Shaws is doing a Catalina deal this week- spend $20 get $10 Cat. Pretty good deal on its face, right? Well, it gets better! There have been confirmed reports that the Cat prints based on PRE sale prices. That's right, folks, I did it myself! Here's what I did:

9 cans Healthy Choice Soups (on sale 10 for $10, regular price is 2/$5)= $9
-$3 (3x $1 off 3 coupons, found in the same aisle! can they make it any easier?)

Paid $6, got back $10 Catalina coupon!

Also included in this deal are Swiss Miss hot cocoa (make sure it says "Conagra" on the side), Pam, HC entrees, OR popcorn, Hunts products, and lots more!

Keep rolling the Cats to pay for your other freebie items, and you'll wind up with tons of pantry staples!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Best deals for the week!

Ok, so it is an OK week at CVS, so I'm not just going to post about CVS this week. We made a Walmart run and a Target run is in the works, so I'll just summerize my favorite deals this week!

Progresso Soups are on sale in several places, including Big Y and Price Chopper, for 10/$10. Combine with $1/4 coupon and pay 75¢ per can.

Windex and Fantastik at Price Chopper for $1.99- combine with $1/1 coupon from Smartsource (9/21) or one of the $2/1 coupons that are printable, and get it for $1 or FREE.

At CVS: SoyJoy bars! Abby loves these, so I'll be stocking up. Buy 4 at $1 each, get $4 in ECB. Combine with recent coupons that are buy 2 get one free, and pick up 6 for FREE. Or make it a moneymaker and buy only 4, use one coupon, pay $3 and get back $4 in ECB.

At Walmart: Pilsbury pizza dough tubes are $2, combine with $1 coupon from recent insert, get it for $1. Green Giant Valley Fresh steamers are $1.22- $2.50, and there are $1 off coupons out there. I paid $1.22 for 3 bags of frozen veggies!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

CVS freebies! Two day sale starts Sunday!

There are 3 free after ECB items featured for the Two Day sale: Candy corn, Pumpkin treat buckets, and Safety lights.

I'm going to be maxing this deal out on all three cards in our house- and here's why. The candy corn will be eaten, the extra safety lights will go into the emergency kits, and the buckets?

Hee hee.... Well, Price Chopper had free after coupon Glade Wisp Flameless candles that I just couldn't pass up. They are battery operated, flicker like a candle, and can be used with or without the fragrance insert. So, I'm putting the "candle" part inside the pumpkins, lining them up on the table, and lighting them up! Yay, ghetto jack-o-lanterns!

Other deals of note this week at CVS:

Just for men touch of grey, $7.99, free after ECB. Limit 1
Use $2 off printable from their website, then submit for full rebate. Result? Make $2 on the spot, get $7.99 back after mail in rebate. Make over $9 by buying it (I have no clue what stamps cost- Paul just buys the "forever" ones)? Sure, don't mind if I do! Into the donation box it goes!

Butler Toothbrush 2 pack, $3.99, free after ECB LIMIT 5!!!!!
use with 75¢ off coupon from 8/3 Red Plum insert
75¢ moneymaker!

Powerade, 32 oz, $1.69, free after ECB limit 1
use $1 off coupon from 7/13 SmartSource
$1 moneymaker!

There's also a *BABY DEAL*!!!!
Spend $25 on select baby products, get $10 in ECB back. Included: Huggies Jumbo @9.99, Huggies or Playskool wipes, 42-80ct, $2.79.

I'm doing:

2x huggies jumbo 19.98
2x Playskool wipes 5.58
total before q's 25.56
-$3 (2x huggies $1.50 q- homemailer)
-$2 (Huggies CRT)
-$4 (Playskool CRT)
16.56, get back $10 in ECB.

Basically, spend $3.28 per pack on diapers and get free wipes!

I prefer the Playskool, since it comes in a collapsable pack instead of a box, but it has a sturdy "lid". Fits perfectly in the diaper bag- since I refuse to use the dainty little 10 wipe containers... whoever designed that obviously never met MY babies!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Why stockpile?

One thing I get asked quite frequently is, "Why do you buy so much if you only need one?"

Well, first of all, I have two in diapers- so we don't get out much!

Secondly, we're trying to get out of debt. Counterintuitive, right? Wrong! When I'm stocking up on something, I'm buying it at the lowest price possible.

For example, a couple weeks ago, chicken breast tenders were on sale for $1.88 per pound. To me, that's a really good price! Imagine my surprise when I arrived at the store to find $1 off "reduced for quick sale" coupons on the packages! So, I ended up paying about $15 for 15 packages of chicken! When I got home, it took me about 20 minutes to separate and bag it up into meal-size portions- leaving me with 10 packages of diced chicken, 10 plain chicken tender packages, and 10 preseasoned chicken meals. The best part? The packages thaw quickly!

Which brings me to my next point. Stockpiling saves us from the drive-thru. Life is crazy when your bosses are short, bald, and don't speak yet! Who has time to run to the store and pick up that last ingredient for dinner? Instead, I just keep a list on the fridge of meals that we can make using what we already have. Updating is easy- just cross it off or wipe it off if it's on a white board!

And then there's the reason that is nearest and dearest to my heart- a sense of security. I know that if something happens, we're prepared. Whether it is a weather-emergency, personal emergency, financial emergency, or illness, we're ready for it.

So, you think you want to start a stockpile of your own? Stay tuned for the next segment!

Linens and Things Store Closing Sales!

So, LNT is going out of business. Bad for me- I love their doorbuster deals and the fact that they used to take 20% off coupons, and they tend to have lots of fun kitchen toys.

But good for everyone is the fact that they are discounting and clearancing EVERYTHING! So the $40 gift card I'm still holding on to will come in handy! DH has told me that I have to spend it on myself or stuff for the house- so I'm thinking of getting some new towels if I can't find a bread machine.

Freebies! I love free stuff!

At Target this week: has a printable Target coupon for lipton teas, $1/1. Buy the 4 pack of on-the-go sticks at the checkout for $1, and get it for free!


Not a smashing week, but go to and sign up for a $2 off coupon. Print two, and combine with the Natures bounty BOGO vitamins deal, spend under $1 out of pocket, get back $2 in ECBs. Good filler!

I'm also going to do the Dove deal- It won't be a moneymaker, but we LOVE dove cream oil body wash!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Recipe of the week- Pumpkin Spice Latte

Ok, so I have a confession to make: I have an addiction to pumpkins. Pumpkin coffee, pumpkin muffins, and especially pumpkin donuts! One of my favorite pumpkin applications, though, is pumpkin spice lattes. A can of pumpkin, a lot of experimentation, and an over-caffinated afternoon later- I bring you pumpkin spice latte!

1 cup coffee, brewed strong
1 cup milk
1/2 tsp pumpkin pie spice
1/2-1 tsp vanilla extract
1 heaping Tablespoon pumpkin puree
1 heaping Tablespoon dark brown sugar (you can use any type of sugar, but brown works best!)

Blend milk, spice, vanilla, pumpkin and sugar in blender. (I use a magic bullet) Heat milk mixture till hot, then add to hot coffee. Sweeten to taste.

That's the base recipe. I've found that I like a little more richness, since I use 1% milk, so I add a bit of coffeemate. I don't add extra sugar, but then again I don't take sugar in my coffee.

Take the leftover pumpkin and pack it into some ice cube trays. When frozen solid, pop out and bag, then you can make a pumpkin latte anytime you want!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

My CVS Scenarios! Week of 8/10

Trans. 1
Alavert 6.99
CVS brand Cotton Swabs 1.50
Playskool Wipes 2.50
Total before q's- 10.99
-4 Alavert IP
-1.50 (skincare q adjusted down)
-1 (playskool q)
total after q's- $2.49 + tax, get $5 ECB (plus $4 towards the baby deal)

Trans 2
Lamisil x2 @7.59 each 15.18
-8 (2x lamisil q)
5ECB, .18 + tax oop, get back $10 ECB
Trans 3

Skin Effects 6.99
Playskool wipes 2.50
CVS swabs 1.50
2x Huggies Clean team wipes $5
Children's Advil $5.79
total before q's- 20.78
-2 skin effects
-1 playskool
-3 huggies wipes (recent insert)
-1.50 (CVS swabs adjusted down)
-1 Advil IP
10.28, use $10 ECB, pay .28+ tax oop, get back a $5 and $5.79 ECB ($13 towards baby deal)

Trans 4
3x dove chocolates $9
playskool wipes 2.50
Goobers $1
total before q's $12.50
-4.50 (3x $1.50 dove)
-1 playskool
5.50- use $5ECB and .50 +tax oop, get back $5 ECB (15.50 towards playskool)

Trans 5
Playskool wipes 2.50
2x Huggies Clean team wipes $5
Johnson and Johnson shampoo $2.99
total before q's 10.49
(Add $1.50 filler to get your pre-coupon total up to at least $12- I'm getting 2 Gold Emblem spices @.88 ea, so I'll use that as the example) $1.72

new total 12.21
-1 playskool
-3 Huggies
-1 J&J IP
total- $5.21, pay with $5 ECB and .21 oop, get back $5 ECB.

So, in total, you'll have paid $3.66 plus tax OOP, and walked out a total of $71.66 worth of merchandise! And, you have $10.79 in ECB for next week!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Cheap Entertainment Idea of the week!

My sister is a serious movie buff. She's been bragging about this "Redbox" thing for months. Well, they finally installed one at our usual grocery store, and we tried it out this week- love it! Here's the lowdown:

Each Redbox has a couple dozen new release movie titles. Run your credit card or debit card, select your movie, and pay $1 per night. Not too shabby, right? It gets better!

Every week, Redbox releases promo codes for a freebie rental! There are several websites that list all of the "active" codes, so you can get TONS of free movies! I've used

The rules of Redbox are that you have to return the movie by 9pm on the night it is due, otherwise there's a additional day's charge. You can return your movie to any Redbox, which makes it really convenient!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

CVS $3 off $15 coupon!

Thank you, thank you, thank you CVS!

To celebrate their new, GIGANTIC store in N. Smithfield, RI, CVS has released a $3/$15 coupon! (expires 7-20) The new store is right off of Rt. 146, on Eddie Dowling Highway, and let me tell you it is huge! The new store carries all your "normal" CVS stuff, plus home health supplies like wheelchairs, bathroom safety supplies, respitory supplies, and even medical uniforms! Now you can earn quarterly ECB on medical supplies!

Read the article here: (scroll down, for some reason the article starts below the frames)

Get the coupon from the Valley Breeze:

CVS Photobook Deal- 7/13 through 7/20

Good week for procrastinators like me! I have tons of photos that have yet to become anything more than a bunch of pixels, so I am very excited about this week!

The lowdown:

Kodak photo books- 6"x8'' or 4''x6'', FREE after ECB!

The 6"x8" is $7.99, limit of 2, and there are coupons floating around (June 8th SmartSource coupon insert, exp 8-31-08, and May 4 SmartSource, exp 7-31-08).

The 4''x6'' is $3.99, limit of 1.

Coupons are only applicable to the 6''x8'' book.

So, that makes this a MONEYMAKER! Yay!

Friday, July 11, 2008

My CVS deals this week!

Well, it was a busy week, so I have only made one trip to CVS this week. Here's what I got:

2 Febreze Fabric Refreshers @3.99 each- 7.98
2 Febreze Air Effects @2.50 each- $5
2 CVS Pantiliners @.99 each- $1.98
2 Powerade- BOGO- $1.49
2 CVS Tampon 5ct @1.49 each- $2.98
1 Always 24ct maxi 2.99
1 Always 20ct maxi 2.99

Total before coupons- 25.41

-$5- 2x Buy febreze, get air effects free coupons
-1.50 - 2x .75 powerade coupon
-2.99 BOGO always coupon

total after coupons- 15.92 + tax, used a 11.48 in ECB and 4.44 out of pocket. Got back $5 ECB (febreze), 1.98 (pantiliner), and 2.98 (tampons)

Not too shabby!

Walgreens Diaper deal!

Hey moms! Need diapers?

Buy 4 (the red and white packs of Walgreen's brand diapers) - 7.99 each (23.97)
Use the $5.00/2 in the EasySaver book at the front of the store (this coupon will automatically adjust), -$10
Get the $2.00 coupon from the pharmacy in the $50 saving book you get for asking about the Rx plan(again, will adjust) -$8
Your Final Total: $5.97 + tax

You'll receive $5 Register Rewards Catalina for your next shopping trip!

What's going on in Worcester?

Children’s Friend’s annual “All-You-Can-Eat” Big Dipper Ice Cream Festival - Saturday, July 12.

Games, food, entertainment, music and raffle prizes, 11 a.m.-6:30 p.m. $5; children 12 and younger, free. Elm Park, Route 9 and Park Avenue. For more information, call (508) 753-5425.

Read the article from the T&G here:

Also this weekend: Recycle your old electronics at Holy Cross from 10am to 3pm on Saturday, July 12. Everyone that donates will receive a Buy one ticket, get one free voucher for a 2008 Tornadoes game! Read more!