Thursday, December 4, 2008

Christmas shopping on a budget

Paul and I had to hit up a few more stores to pick out some more gifts- but we're nearly done now!

Today, I bring you the beauty of the off-price store. We went out to Christmas Tree Shoppes, and Building 19/Spags.

At Christmas Tree Shoppes, we found some of the REALLY nice, high end furry blankets for 6.99- 9.99. The kind that usually cost at least $20. We also found a two-piece set of 20oz thermal coffee mugs, $6.99. The best deal I found, though, was an 11oz container of sesame seeds for $2! These, along with some poppy seeds (same deal), will be used as a topper for some homemade bagels.

At Building 19/Spags, we found tons of board books, perfect for our budding little reader. We also found a box set of toys and games for 2+ year olds that was originally $25, marked down to $7.99. Several other items rounded out our $22 trip- 3 legal pads for Abby to draw on, a bug kit for Anthony, crayons, and a baseball glove for Paul.

I'm hoping that I will get a chance to hit up Ocean State Job Lot tomorrow- I need to pick up some stocking stuffers for Paul (sorry babe, not putting up any hints here!) and pick out something for my sister's birthday.

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