Monday, February 2, 2009

New Years Resolution- a check in post!

So I'm checking in on my NYR. I resolved to make better use of our space, and I've had several great accomplishments this first month of the year.

1. Abby's bed has been moved into the living room, and the under-crib area is pretty neat and organized.

2. Relocated the laundry sorter from "wherever it fits" to a semi-permenant home near our pantry.

3. Organized the "folding and hanging" laundry area. I now have a spot to put the kids' clothes!

4. Organized snack station and the charging station below it.

5. Hung a new set of shelves in the kitchen

6. Organized toy area in living room.

7. Found a home for my H&B stockpile.

Got a pretty decent amount done this month! The goals for this week are to organize the area under the sink in the kitchen, organize the microwave cart, and clean out the "going out" bags- diaper bags, my purse, my shopping tote, and my car tote.