Friday, October 17, 2008

Linens and Things Store Closing Sales!

So, LNT is going out of business. Bad for me- I love their doorbuster deals and the fact that they used to take 20% off coupons, and they tend to have lots of fun kitchen toys.

But good for everyone is the fact that they are discounting and clearancing EVERYTHING! So the $40 gift card I'm still holding on to will come in handy! DH has told me that I have to spend it on myself or stuff for the house- so I'm thinking of getting some new towels if I can't find a bread machine.


Elizabeth said...

You don't need a bread machine! Have you tried the Sullivan Street bakery's no-knead bread recipe? It's sooooo delicious, and costs pennies to make. You can google it and find the recipe... I never buy bread anymore, just make this recipe because it's so easy.

Tara said...

I double checked with and you can turn change into a lnt gift card for no fee. Guess where I am going! My towels are marked down so I can get more.