Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Great deals at Shaws this week!

So, Shaws is doing a Catalina deal this week- spend $20 get $10 Cat. Pretty good deal on its face, right? Well, it gets better! There have been confirmed reports that the Cat prints based on PRE sale prices. That's right, folks, I did it myself! Here's what I did:

9 cans Healthy Choice Soups (on sale 10 for $10, regular price is 2/$5)= $9
-$3 (3x $1 off 3 coupons, found in the same aisle! can they make it any easier?)

Paid $6, got back $10 Catalina coupon!

Also included in this deal are Swiss Miss hot cocoa (make sure it says "Conagra" on the side), Pam, HC entrees, OR popcorn, Hunts products, and lots more!

Keep rolling the Cats to pay for your other freebie items, and you'll wind up with tons of pantry staples!

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