Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Shaws- Catalina Craziness!

Paul was home for the day (although it turns out they called him in for OT, and he missed the call). So, coupons in hand, I headed out to pick up a few things. Shaw's Catalina deals usually work off of presale prices (PSP)- and this time was no different!

Here's what I got, in two transactions at Shaws:


4 boxes Golden Grahams, PSP $3.69, on sale 2/$4
2 boxes Trix, PSP $3.29, on sale 2/$4
4 boxes Suddenly Salad, PSP 2.69, on sale 3/$4

PSP 32.10, Sale price, 17.38
used 3 $1/2 GM cereals coupons. coupons.com and pillsbury.com
used 4 40¢ off SS coupons (all doubled), coupons.com and pillsbury.com
used $10 catalina from Saturday's trip

Paid 1.14 out of pocket, got $10 catalina and $1.50/3 GM cereals catalina


Wishbone Spray Dressing, PSP 2/$5, sale $2
2 boxes Fruit Rollups, PSP 3.19, sale 2/$5
2 bags Chex Mix, PSP 2.69, on sale $1.67
2 boxes Chexbars, PSP 3.79, on sale $3
2 boxes Fruit Rollup 'stickers', PSP 2.99, on sale 2/$5

PSP total- 27.82, sale price 21.34

Used 2 60¢ off Chex mix (coupons.com and pillsbury.com) doubled
2- 50¢ off two fruit rollup, doubled
2- 50¢ off Chex bars, doubled
$10 catalina from previous order

total after sales and coupons, 4.94 out of pocket. Got another $10 OYNO catalina!

While out, I also grabbed a package of Pampers- and the cashier took my printout from CVS.com, pretended it was a coupon, and rang it in as such. So it worked out to $2.99OOP for the diapers, rather than getting ECBs.

All in all, I spent $9.07 out of my envelope, didn't spend any ECBs and still have a $10 catalina for Shaws.

When I got home, I opened all the boxes of cereal and fruit rollups, and got a total of $10 in cash cards from the boxes! Which means, I "made" 93¢ for leaving the house today!

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