Saturday, January 17, 2009

Organizing on the fly...

Or should it be "on the sly?"

I was supposed to go through the clothes in the crib. And I meant to, really I did. But it was WAY too cold to hang out in the draftiest room of the house this week, so rather than do that, I found myself another project.

This week I got a decent amount accomplished:

I reorganized the stockpile crates and found a new home for them- now they live in the lower cabinet in the pantry where I used to store excess pots and pans (which have been put in the donation bag). Now I have room in the pantry for my laundry sorter.

I organized the dish hutch and the drawers attached to it.

Organized the snack area/kid food area. What was once a jumble is now neat!

Baked bread for the first time- something I've been meaning to do for quite some time!

In addition to the "normal" laundry, I did 4 loads of blankets and bathrobes.

All of this- with a sick toddler!

Not too shabby!

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