Saturday, January 24, 2009

Big week!

So this week is just winding down. It is 10AM and I just got out of bed- I'm so exhausted! Got quite a bit accomplished this week since the kids were taking some serious naps to sleep off a virus or something.

1. Planned, bought, and put up a new set of shelves above my sink. Now I have a place for my blender, toaster, and food processer on the top shelf, plus a nice and neat basket of baggies, foil, and saran wrap. There's also a "under shelf" basket for dishtowels and my coffee supplies. This freed up space on the "laundry" shelves- now I can *actually* put the detergent up on the shelves!

2. Moved the crib into the livingroom. Moved a dresser to the old crib area, and set up a laundry folding station using one of those mini-hanging areas (think small version of a clothing store rack) and the surface of the dresser. A drop leaf table sits next to the dresser, so I can either use it to fold or for crafting.

3. Organized the snack area.

4. Did A LOT of research on frugal living- started looking into gardening for the spring, MYO recipes, and bread/bagel making.

5. Made 3 batches of yogurt this week- 2 lowfat and 1 whole milk mini-batch for Everett.

6. Didn't do much shopping, hit Walmart for the shelves and some groceries, Target for some freebie juice, but that's it.

7. Stepped on the scale and found that I'm down 10 lbs since my anniversary (no small feat considering we ate nothing but junk from the 20th of December through the 1st of the year!)

Goals for next week:

1. Start implementing morning and evening routines. I'm going to work on setting these up today.

2. Work on taxes- I do taxes for several people- and I am just waiting for 1 piece of paperwork for our personal taxes.

3. Find recipes using dried split peas (not soup!) and eggs. I have a TON of eggs that I need to use up.

4. No moving furnature on the schedule. I'm going to do a "Circuit" week this week.

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