Friday, January 15, 2010

Chicken Challenge wrap up

Life got in the way this week (again) as I'm trying to make room in my day-to-day life for more writing, but I'm going to recap what happened with the rest of the chicken challenge:

Day 1, made chicken and dumplings for dinner, had enough leftovers for day 2's dinner

Day 2, had chicken sandwiches for lunch, and the leftover chicken and dumplings from day 1

Day 3, made a pantry salsa "salad" to go with chicken quesadillas

Day 4, packed up 2 small bags of chicken (meal sized, about a cup of chicken apiece)
made chicken chili out of the rest of the chicken and the salsa salad. I also have a total of 8 bottles of stock (2 cups each, packaged in waterbottles so they can be poured and stay neat in the freezer door....) which is the amount I need to make a quick pan gravy.

All in all, I think 7 meals from a 6.33lb chicken is pretty good!

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