Friday, January 1, 2010

The biggest thing you can do to be frugal... learn to anticipate needs. I was chatting in The Thrifty Mama Chat earlier, and the more I thought about it, that is how we live.

We stock up on sales, anticipating that future costs would be higher than what we're paying now with coupons.

We bought my little girl a winter coat in August, from a yard sale, because we knew she'd need one this year.

We stocked up on cold and flu meds when they went on sale, which kept us from paying full price when we all got the Bacon Plague (aka H1N1, but bacon plague is just sooo much more fun to say!) AND kept us from spreading our germs around to poor, unsuspecting pharmacy staff at midnight.

We bought Christmas presents all year round, scouring for deals.

Just these few, small little things have made such a huge difference in the budget. Take just one step towards a more frugal life, and then another and another. Don't get too bogged down in what others are doing, just focus on your goals.

"Goals are dreams with work clothes on" -Dave Ramsey

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