Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Shopping with the Ninja

Today I managed to make it out of the house alone- no small feat! I took full advantage of the time- and made it to several stores to cherry pick the deals for the week!

At Big Y: Buy One, Get Two Free fish sticks- $4.65 for three boxes of 12

At Price Chopper: Diet Coke, 2L bottles, 99¢ each. Bought 4

At Stop and Shop: Only went in here to look for Kraft cheese coupons- but bought reusable grocery bags for 50¢ each, markdown grape tomatoes for $1.17, and Dawn Direct Foam refill for $3.02

At Shaws: 12 boxes of Crystal Light On-the-Go sticks, 2 packages frozen veggies, 2 deep dish pie crusts, a package of frozen bagels, 2 packs of trail mix, 2 reduced breads, 4 boxes of honey nut cheerios, 5lbs of bananas, one filter for life bottle with 9 on-the-go sticks, 4 packages cheese, 3 oscar meyer sandwich packs, and several other items. This was done over several orders at several stores. Total cash spent at Shaws? $16.34 I also have $22 in Catalina coupons to use next time!

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