Monday, March 2, 2009

Deals around town this week and our menu plan

I did something unusual for me yesterday- I hit 4 stores and grabbed *just* the deals. Usually, I only go out for a smoking deal, or for a big stockup shop. However, lately my stockpile is looking mighty fine, so I don't really have to go to the store for much more than milk and bananas.

Here's the deals I picked up on this week.

At Big Y: Cantalopes- 99¢ each. Also hit up the clearance racks and grabbed 3 Isis pumps for $5 each!

At Shaws: $2 for a bag of granny smith apples.
$2.99 per lb of scallops, with a free container of bread crumbs wyb 2lbs.

At Price Chopper: 88¢ per pound for whole chicken.
99¢ for Coke 2L

What am I doing with this stuff?

Tonight I'll roast the chicken, and we'll have chicken with gravy, mashed potatoes, and vegetables for dinner.

Tuesday we'll use up the leftover veggies in an omelet that I'll split with Abby.
Dinner will be my Chicken Pot pie

Wednesday is Crockpot day- Pulled pork sandwiches on homemade bread, BBQ beans, and veggies.

Thursday- Soup and Sandwiches- Soup will be "semi-homemade" in that I'm using canned Gumbo as my base and adding a can of tomatoes and a cup of rice to two cans of soup. Sandwiches will be grilled homemade bread with pepper jack and cheddar.

Friday- Baked Scallops for me (it is Lent!) and baked chicken for Paul.

Breakfasts will be: Pumpkin muffins, Cinnamon rolls, fruit, and cereal.

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