Saturday, October 10, 2009

Stocking up for Winter at Shaw's

This week Shaw's is running a huge Catalina sale- Spend $10, get $3 OYNO catalina.

Some highlights:

Splenda, 2/$10. The bags usually go for $10.79, use the peelie coupon on the bag and get them for $3

Kleenex, Buy 2 get 2 free- Use a Buy 3 Get 1 free from the tearpad display, pay for 1 and get 4!

Ronzoni Healthy Harvest or Smart Taste Pastas, 10/$10. Use printable coupons here and here for $1/2 coupons- making each box 50¢

These prices are all based on Presale price, and therefore you can really clean up this week! 6 Pastas= $3 OOP and $3 OYNO, so that alone is worth the trip in my eyes!

I'll be stocking pastas until I run out of coupons (long way off on that one since there's a total of 6 coupons printable, times 2 computers, so a total of 24 boxes before I break into the newspaper coupons). Free is always a stockup price at my house!

I figure 8 boxes of Kleenex will get us through the winter. And there's also a deal on Playtex gloves, so I'll get some of those for the first aid kits and for when I'm chopping up jalapenos. Splenda- I figure 4 bags or so will last me through the winter for my coffee drinks.

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